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Thurman’s penile implant expectations.

"You don't even know it's there. Nobody does."

*These stories recount the experiences of people who are using AMS therapies related to ED. AMS invited these people to share their stories candidly. As you review them, please bear in mind that the experiences are specific to those particular people. As with all medical treatment, not every response is the same. We recommend you talk to your doctor about what treatment is right for you.

Discover a new sense of intimacy through implant technology.

A penile implant may restore the sexual activity that you and your partner once enjoyed.

In a study of 200 patients and 120 partners, 92% of men, and 96% of their partners, reported sexual activity with the AMS 700™ penile implant to be excellent or satisfactory.1

A penile implant offers a satisfying option to the frustrations of erectile dysfunction (ED). More than 300,000 men have made the choice2 that allows them to have an erection whenever they choose. After the procedure and recovery period, you may return to an active sex life, typically in about 6 weeks.3

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