Published on March 15th, 2016

Erectile Dysfunction Affects More Than What Happens In The Bedroom

Sexual health is an important part of overall physical and emotional well-being. Having a partner with erectile dysfunction or ED can impact your relationship beyond the bedroom. This article will help you understand the critical role of communicating with your partner about his ED and help you support him in the next step toward a happier, more active sex life.

Sexual satisfaction is known to be an important part of overall relationship satisfaction.  Couples who enjoy pleasurable sex have reported more satisfying relationships‎64. Having ED can turn a relationship upside down increasing stress and challenging that emotional bond.  You no longer hold hands, casually touch or are playful with your partner for fear it might lead to something more and you aren’t sure you can perform.

The physical symptoms of ED are often associated with depression, a loss of self-confidence, the loss of intimacy in your relationship and reduced quality of life65. Anxiety and depression are often problems for men who struggle with sexual confidence and erectile dysfunction.  The goals of ED treatment are to restore quality of life and allow you and your partner to enjoy a satisfying sex life. Congratulations on taking the first step.

Although the understanding and acceptance of erectile dysfunction has come a long way in the last ten years, it is still a difficult topic for many couples to discuss.  For most couples, simply talking about ED is the first step toward finding a solution and enjoying better sex.  Here are two simple things that can help make that discussion go more smoothly66.

Talking About ED Is Not Easy, But There Is Hope.

Be open and make sure your partner hears you.  When problems happen in the bedroom, emotions can run high so it is important to talk about sexual problems like erectile dysfunction in an open and supportive way. Partners often think that your ED is their fault, that you just aren’t attracted to them.  Make sure you tell your partner that it’s not a matter of being attracted to them.  Reassure them that they are still attractive to you and you want to work together to find a solution66.

“It’s the part of the fear of trying you know, what if it doesn’t work…you worry about, are you satisfying your partner67?”

Seek outside help for the situation66. Talking to a doctor who specializes in treating erectile dysfunction about your situation can help you and your partner understand the cause of your problem and evaluate the solutions that may work best for you.  No matter the severity or physical cause of your ED, there are solutions to help you regain intimacy, self-confidence and return to a satisfying sex life so don’t give up and keep talking.

It is important to keep in mind that much more than just a problem in the bedroom, ED could be a warning that something else more serious is going on. Seeing a specialist can help rule out health problems associated with erectile dysfunction, such as heart disease or diabetes. A discussion with a specialist may not only be the key to a happy, healthy sex life, but a happy and healthy life together.