Benno, 49
There is hope for all men living with ED. I’m proof.

Benno’s Story

Dealing with ED eroded my self-esteem. The more I tried, the more I felt like there was no hope. Here I was, in my early 40s and I thought that I wasn’t going to have a conventional sex life any longer. It affected my marriage. It sucked. When it comes to complications of diabetes, I thought okay, at least my eyes and feet are good. I still wasn’t prepared for the impact of the erectile dysfunction though.   

Nobody talked about how having diabetes can affect sexual functioning and I was too depressed and despondent to bring it up. I visited many doctors, I tried pills. I tried injections. I tried suppositories. The injections worked but then I developed scarring at the injection site and a curvature. This condition is called Peyronie’s disease and it turns out that men with diabetes are more likely to get it. Ultimately, the more I tried to find a solution to my ED, the more tired I became. I got treatment fatigue – something that I came to learn is common among those seeking a solution to their ED.

About the time I was ready to give up, I had an appointment with a doctor specializing in ED. My doctor recommended the AMS 700 penile implant. It’s simple to use. Everything feels like it did before. I have my sexual self-confidence back. It’s natural and easy to use. I feel normal and whole again. Want proof? Look at my little son—him and his mother are the greatest joys in my life.

Alternate ED Treatments Explored

Pills, injections, suppositories, vacuum erection device

Implant Recovery Process

No complications but it was painful for the first two or three days. According to my doctor, this extra discomfort was due to the Peyronie’s that he treated at the same time. For all men with conditions in addition to ED considering a penile implant, I would recommend consulting with your prosthetic urologist and insurance to explore an overnight stay. I have a pretty low pain threshold and some anxiety and I went home the same day as my procedure but I wish I had stayed over.

This story recounts the experience of a person who is using a Boston Scientific therapy related to his ED. Boston Scientific invited this person to share his stories candidly. As you review his accounts, please bear in mind that his experience is specific to him and therapeutic results may not be the same for every patient or couple. Results can vary. We recommend that you talk to your doctor about what treatment is right for you. Benno has been compensated for his time in making this video. Click here for important safety information.

  • Patient Champion
  • 5 years with the
    AMS 700 implant
  • Diabetes
    Erectile Dysfunction
  • Engaged, Straight
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • English
    • Broadcast News Journalism Documentaries
    • Tennis
    • Travel
    • Proudest Role: father to son Charlie born in 2015 and partner to Charlie’s mom

How Implants changed my life This Emmy nominated news anchor, reporter and long-time host of dLife on CNBC, opens up about his most personal story.

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How did you first hear about a penile implant?

I was the anchor of dLife, and Janis Roszler, a renowned expert on sex and diabetes, was a frequent guest on the program airing on CNBC. We started talking off set, and that was the first time I heard: “You don’t have to live with ED. There is hope for every man living with ED.” Janis told me about the penile implant option. It was the first time I learned about it.

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